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Ecotech are the exclusive distributors of Broadwell Air Domes to New Zealand

Broadwell is the worldwide leader in air supported structures, integrating design, development and manufacturing in-house. From sports and recreation to industrial and military applications, Broadwell designs domes specific to each client’s needs. Broadwell domes are the highest quality, most efficient, and most cost-effective in the industry. There are over 180 Broadwell Air Domes built in Russia, Turkey, Mongolia, China and other countries.

Unique Patented Bias-Harness Cable Net System

Our patented bias-harness cable net system evenly distributes both internal uplift forces and external environmental forces. Without this cable net system, the dome body would bulge due to the weight of the dome itself and any accumulated snow on top. This would flatten the top of the dome, further increasing the area for snow to accumulate and requiring more pressure to inflate the dome, putting unneeded stress on the structure. However, testing shows that with our bias-harness cable net system, the dome shape remains unchanged even when the internal pressure is increased to 500 Pascals (2.01 inH20).

Energy saving technology

80% energy savings compared to a conventional steel structure. A triple layer design, including insulation helps maintain the desired temperature inside the air dome.

Advanced automation control system

Our remote control mobile app allows full automation of your air dome from any smart device. The app will automatically adjust temperature, humidity, air pressure, and air quality with changes in wind, temperature, and snow fall. You can also monitor and manually change these parameters remotely from any smart device.


  • Attractive architectural design
  • Fire proof class B1 fire rating: in compliance with ASTM E-136
  • Unique patented bias-harness cable net system
  • Lower construction costs than a traditional steel structure
  • Advanced automated and mobile control system
  • Capable of withstanding 150 mph winds and 250 kg/m2 snow load
  • Short installation time, portable and easy to dismantle
  • Domes can be up to 180m wide and 90m tall with no beams and poles
  • Low energy consumption: patented with the “thermal layer”
  • Made of high quality and high density PVC fabric. It includes a three-level safety inflation system and the most advanced bias-harness cable net system in the industry.
  • Heat recovery system: Proven method to lower energy costs with savings of up to 50% by recycling the energy deployed to maintain the facility at the needed temperature.
  • Air conditioning and air-treatment systems: Integrated to the facility in order to provide a comfortable experience.
  • Top air purification system: Our industry-leading purification systems can produce air with less than 2.5 particles per million (PM).

ASCE 17-96 Standard and NFPA 701 Testing

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