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Developers and investors in hotels, worker and student accommodation, care homes, city apartments, social and affordable housing are all now talking to Ecotech, with architects, structural engineers and other professionals working to meet the growing demand for modular construction to be included in a range of bespoke multi-storey accommodation options.

Although concentrating on supplying single storey residential homes over the last 5 years, in recent months it has become increasingly clear that there is also growing interest to use modular manufacturing to achieve the same cost efficiencies achieved on a production line. Just like a car plant, Ecotech’s 27 acre manufacturing facility in China is able to provide offsite modular accommodation in volume and at pace.

Latest developments include the development of highly efficient stacking systems to allow modules to be incorporated in buildings up to 8 storeys. Indeed, stacking ensures significant cost savings over traditional multi-storey construction, where costs per square metre usually increase the higher the building. Modular offers consistent cost benefits with regard to site preparation, onsite assembly and reduces the timescale from initial concept to completed building.

As with its already certified range of residential options, Ecotech is working to ensure that its innovative design plans for multi-storey major developments are also certified by New Zealand’s Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment, which now has national regulatory responsibilities for modular accommodation. Ecotech is insisting on such certification to provide customers with the full confidence that all structures will meet and exceed the New Zealand Building Code.

Ecotech currently has more than a dozen significant projects at various stages of development, which will start to be manufactured in 2018.

If you have a genuine and serious interest in commercial projects incorporating offsite modular construction to make best use of Ecotech’s state-of-the-art modular manufacturing facility, then please email Tony Frost.

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