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Ecotech 105m2 Investment Property Raglan

Ecotech 105m2 Investment Property Raglan

This Ecotech 105m2 investment property is a fantastic three bedroom, two bathroom rural residence, which is to be assembled on a gently sloping section in Raglan, in the Waikato of New Zealand.

The site works are soon to commence, with the four component modules scheduled to depart the factory between Christmas and New Year 2017 for assembly in late January and to be ready for use in early February 2018. This house is designed to meet all the owner’s requirements including decking, cladding and a bath for the main bathroom along with the en suite shower facility. All site works will be carried out by Ecotech.

The modules are designed to cope with extreme winds and the hottest and coldest temperatures in New Zealand and Australia. Thermally efficient with much better insulation than required under the building code, they also have energy efficient lighting and appliances.

Our housing modules are manufactured overseas in a state-of-the art factory to Ecotech’s exact specifications and must meet rigorous quality and safety standards. The modules are specifically designed to be versatile, convenient and progressive.

We care about the environment and have taken great care to ensure our modular accommodation is eco-friendly. We use sustainable materials such as steel, concrete, glass and aluminium. Our strong focus and commitment to thermal and energy efficiency means the accommodation requires minimal energy to heat and cool. It also makes for a warm, dry and healthy living environment.

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