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There are many great reasons to consider choosing Ecotech accommodation. They’re affordable, safe and robust, tested to exacting New Zealand building standards and certified for multiple consents. Plus the range of uses, setups and fitouts allows for multiple possibilities.

The short timeframe from order to onsite assembly makes Ecotech a very desirable reality. They are ideal to be homes, baches, studios, granny flats, teenage retreats, motels, backpackers, multi-leveled apartments, retirement villages and workers units.

There are many Ecotech design options that are both practical, eco-friendly and suitable for urban or rural settings as well as remote off the grid locations and challenging terrain. Plans areavailable in one, two, three and four bedroom designs, which can be single level dwellings or configured as stacked apartments up to 5 levels high.

Whatever your particular requirements are, Ecotech offers incredible cost-effective versatility with its modular accoomodation solutions. Below are some examples of our range.


  • Affordable, safe and robust
  • Warm, dry and healthy
  • Short delivery time
  • Certified Multiple consents
  • Excellent insulation
  • Low energy use
  • Fitted kitchens and bathrooms
  • Pre-plumbed and wired to New Zealand standards
  • Multiple fit-out options

56m2 - One Bedroom Unit

12.2m x 4.6m, single module units.

67m2 - 2 Bedroom Suite

12.2m x 5.5m, 2 bedroom suite with two floor plan options.

165m2 - 2 Level Townhouse

4 Bedroom

165m2 - 2 Level Townhouse

14.4m x 7.2m – 4 Bedroom

56m2 - One / Two Bedroom Units

12.2m x 4.6m, single module units.

165m2 - 2 Bedroom

Existing home on Waiheke Island.

67m2 - 2 Bedroom

Existing home in Collingwood, Takaka, South Island.

56m2 - 2 Bedroom Townhouse/Aparment

12.2m x 4.6m, single module units.


2 bedroom and 4 bedroom floor plans.

SHOW HOME - 105m2

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom investment property for Raglan.


Situated at Waihe Beach.

67m2 - 2 Bedroom Apartment/Townhouse

12.2m x 5.54m – with floor plan options.

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